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Waves from Ripples

 - Dzifa Afonu -

Creative. Seeker. Dreamer. 

Community Clinical Psychologist

Therapy - Consultancy - Supervision - Creativity 

- Building our movements from the inside -

 - Nurturing the Small Changes that can Make Waves -

Thank you!

"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop."


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What is Waves from Ripples

  • Waves from Ripples is aimed at resisting cultures of burnout among movement and frontline workers who are dedicated to social justice


  • It is based on the idea that it is a radical act of defiance to look after our bodies, minds and souls


  • It comes from the belief that for those of us that work with communities that face oppression and marginalisation self-care is essential if we want to be the root of real social change


  • Self-care is seen as not an occasional spa treatment but rather a constant active practice. In order to fully achieve this practice as integrated to our way of being we need to do this in connection to communities of people who are also working towards social justice.

Image by Dylan Gillis
Image by Shane Rounce
Image by My Life Journal

Consultation and Facilitation

Providing consultation and facilitation to individuals, group, and organisations on topics such as:

- Participation and co-production

- Community selfcare

- Building peer support network

- Disability Justice and building real


- Mental health support in social justice movements

email me at for enquiries

Therapeutic support, Mentorship and Supervision - Supporting Communities and Individuals

Providing therapy spaces for individuals, couples, families and friends.

Focus on embodiment processes. Gaining a greater understanding of the body and how reacts to difficult situations. 

Exploring how trauma and historical challenges for individuals and families can impact our relationships. 


Providing regular supervision or mentoring for practitioners wanting to focus on self care and resistance to burnout cultures while trying to work in anti oppressive ways with marginalised communities.

Creative Communication - Sketch noting and illustration

Providing live sketch noting for events and visual note taking to communicate ideas and themes. Currently developing an illustration portfolio.

"Radical community self-care is not self indulgent it is collective preservation and that is an act of political warfare."

Adapted from Audre Lorde (2017). “A Burst of Light: And Other Essays”

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About Me


I am firstly a creative spirit who loves playfulness, my daughter being my greatest teacher in the art and wonder of joyful living. I am clinical psychologist by training bringing to this title a decolonising and deconstructing energy. As an artist I love the art of every day life, the creative nature of the human mind, and communication through image colour and metaphor. 

This work has evolved through my personal experiences of the many barriers that undermine the ability of those of us dedicated to social justice to integrate self and community care into our life and work as part of our practice for justice.


I am dedicated to supporting those in frontline work with marginalised people. With over 20 years of experience in activism and 10 years experience working in the NHS I bring a personal insight into the possibilities, limitations and places for growth in both institutional and grassroots organising systems.


I am working constantly to find ways we can bridge the gaps between work and play. I am grappling with finding new ways of building community and supporting leadership that step away from grind culture and create opportunities for real freedom. 

I am facinated with dreaming, afro futurism, speculative fiction, emergent strategy, climate justice, local futures and sacred connection with land and all it provides.

Email me at  

email me at for enquiries

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